!There are a few different ways breeders are producing American Labradoodles.

F1 = 50% Labrador and 50% Poodle: This is Lab to Poodle cross; this is first generation, resulting in healthier offspring! Hair type can be smooth like a Lab, wiry like an Irish Wolfhound or wavy/shaggy; they can shed or not shed; pups in the same litter can vary. 

F1-B = 25% Labrador Retriever and 75% Poodle (F1 Labradoodle and Poodle cross): This is Labradoodle bred back to Poodle, wavy curly shaggy look doodle very consistent in coat types. F1B is the MOST likely of any to be non-shedding and allergy friendly than ANY doodles and is the easiest coat to take care of and the most desired generation of doodle! F1B Labradoodles have a fleecy, soft coat.

F2 = F1 Labradoodle and F1 Labradoodle cross: With this combination you get the same percentage of Lab Poodle mix as you would an F1 Labradoodle, so they are more likely to shed.

F3 = F2 Labradoodle and F2 Labradoodle cross

Multi-generation = F3 or higher generation Labradoodle and F3 or higher generation Labradoodle cros. Multigen have been bred with a variety of doodle to doodle to poodle breedings over several generations and tend to lose that true labradoodle look. 

FAQ'S f1 f1b labradoodle puppies

Are you Goose Down Kennel as Well as Only Doodles?

We began  Goose Down Kennel on Facebook as a Group Page to allow our puppy families to allow them a place to post their photos and brags. We are not internet savvy people, and then made a Facebook Business page. We had to chose a name for our website, but, Goose Down Kennel was already taken. So we chose Only Doodles! 

We are still the same people with the same dogs, same dedication, and same quality of care for our dogs, puppies and families. 

What can I expect when I get my Puppy Home?

The majority of calls we receive after a puppy goes home are from first time dog owners.

Puppies are babies. 

You would not expect a human infant to not cry, not potty, not chew because they are teething, not want attention right when they want it.

All babies are work.

Puppies are used to the only environment they know, sleeping in a puppy pile, chewing on their littermates, and have never been alone.

Stress, change in water, food and environment can and do cause tummy troubles. Soft stool IS NOT diarrhea. Diarrhea is watery! Puppies tummy trouble usually happens in the first week, and will settle within the first few weeks when they assimilate to their new environment. 

Rawhide, rope, thin plastic or rubber toys are not good for puppies OR dogs! They swallow pieces that their tummies cannot digest. Some may pass the parts and pieces, and then some will have to have them surgically removed! Research your toys! 

Excessive crating has proven to cause behavior problems and joint and bone growth issues. Dogs are social creatures and putting them in jail because you don't take time to train them will cause problems in the long run! Labradoodles are friendly and extremely intelligent. Make the time to teach them manners!

Please remember how their little lives change in a very short period of time, how confusing and scary it would be to have so many changes so quickly.

Thankfully, puppies are super adaptable Be patient, and repetitious and consistent in your training.

It is imperative that puppies receive their full series of vaccinations after they go home and are not exposed to dog parks or unvaccinated and unknown animals prior to the final series at 16 weeks. Our babies health is of the upmost importance to us and we are entrusting you to keep them safe and healthy!




If you don't spend the time to train them, don't blame them.....there are no bad puppies, even if they eat your shoes!!

What if I can't pick up my puppy like I expected? Can you hang onto it for a little bit..?

Yes, within reason...

Stuff happens. 

If it is a case of weather causing shipping cancellations or an unfortunate event occurring out of your control, we will board your puppy up to 5 days at no cost to you, after such time a reasonable boarding fee will be required.

Why are the puppies not always the color of their parents?

So why are Poodle and Riggs Puppies Black?

Poodle and Riggs ALWAYS have black coated puppies, the majority are blue (when you look at their skin it looks blue!) Yes, they are blonde and chocolate, but their genetic pairing creates the black puppy.

F1 and F1b Labradoodles are typically black, chocolate to muddy brown, and reddish brown to blonde.Basically one end of color wheel to the other.

They will have, sometimes,white blazes on their chest and face, white on their feet or tips of their tails or are the unicorn- the Parti. Parti's are rare, they are white and another color. We have had chocolate, black and cream partis.

 But wait, there's more! 

Their coat color and density change over the course of time. They lose their puppy coats, they may get more fleecey or more scruffy.

Lucy, is Riggs and Poodle's daughter.

She is an F1 Labradoodle (Poodle is always bred soley to Riggs) Lucy was pitch black when born, with bluing . Lucy now has a darkish coat with coarse white hair sparsed through and has  rust colored highlights. We must get her groomed and her shedding is almost nonexistent.. And, all that happened in a year! She's 2 now. 

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Will you keep me updated with pictures, etc. on the puppy I reserve?

Of course! 

Every weekend I  take pictures and post one group video on our Facebook Page Only Doodles and Goose Down Kennel.

Please remember, I work outside of the  home during the week, and I too, need to buy groceries do my laundry, etc.

I will answer calls and email all day long, however. Even after your puppy has gone home. 

I will treat you like you're special, because you are! You chose one of my babies!