Genetic health testing of our Puppy Parents

Welcome to the new age of dog breeding!

As an added layer, to ensure that you are getting a healthy puppy, our Puppy Parents have had genetic health testing of 150+ genetic health conditions and have been cleared!

Our testing was done by Wisdom Health, a highly reputable and respected company -

As we have been around for many a moon, we have the ability to have raised generations of Puppy Parents ourselves. We raised the parents of the parents of the parents!

We have done this by raising and keeping our girls and retiring our boys and introducing new boys into our program.

In the case of our girls, Lucy, Penny and AbbyGabby, their parents, Cricket and Riggs, were health tested and clear. Therefore the girls are cleared by parentage.

Louie, our current stud, has been DNA health tested and has been given a clear certification as well!

  The certification is available to reserving/purchasing famil